Practitioners in the Art & Science of Marketing

SeaMountain was set up to be able to help airlines and suppliers to the industry to be able to really understand their business, their customers and the market.  But rigorous understanding is only part of the story.

The science part of analysis is clearly important, but the art of implementation is also needed.  SeaMountain manages that partly as a result of Michael Smith’s science training (his undergraduate degree is in Biochemistry) but also 20 years of practical marketing experience.

Loyalty and Frequent Flyer Programs

Build on the experience of SeaMountain working at British Airways and for clients subsequent to leaving BA:

  • Updating your FFP program to adapt to the 21st Century
  • Selling miles on everything from co-brand credit cards to travel and non travel partners
  • Selecting and managing coalition partners

Ancillary Revenue

Long before Acillary Revenue became as key to airline’s bottom line, SeaMountain was developing and implementing these strategies for British Airways.  From deploying the first “in-path” travel insurance for in the late ’90′s long before this type of cross selling became standard practice to launching a co-brand credit card that quadrupled average spend after its launch, SeaMountain has been building business.

Airline Merchandising

One of the reasons that Michael Smith was recruited by British Airways was that he came from a retailer and not another airline.  That retailer was the UK’s largest mail order company and owned brands such as Burberrys.

That experience of data analysis and cross selling and upselling of finance and insurance products served Michael well at BA and in subsequent client assingments.  Understanding customers and being able to bundle and unbundle products and thinking as a retailer is key to merchandising – of both the core airline product as well as those considered “ancillary”.

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