Mileage Plus becomes a new global currency

EzRez launch e-wallet

You might be wondering where the link is between Mileage Plus becoming a new global currency and EzRez launching an e-wallet.  But read a bit further and you’ll find out the real significance in this story.

For those of you that are not following the e-wallet story, it is, essentially, a way to have “money” online for electronic virtual payments.  So, instead of the wallet being in your pocket or purse, it is online, and you can use that “money” to pay merchants in the virtual world.   Which cuts down on keying in 16 digit numbers along with all your vital statistics.

The idea being that increased convenience leads to lower merchant costs and greater sales.  Google, amongst many others, has launched an e-wallet, so you might be thinking that EzRez is just playing catch up with their launch.

What’s in your e-wallet?

The answer to this question is the genius and significance behind EzRez’s move.  Their currency is frequent flyer miles.  Their first partner is Mileage Plus and here is the second bit of EzRez’s foresight – how you can spend Mileage Plus Miles.  You will, using the EzRez e-wallet be able to spend Mileage Plus Miles at any merchant that takes PayPal.

Suddenly the whole of the internet becomes the reward catalogue if you are earning Mileage Plus Miles.  On top of that Miles become a very interchangeable currency.  At Airline Information’s recent Airline and Travel Payment Summit in Toronto, some of the delegates from co-brand cards thought it was odd that there was a “payments” track running alongside their event.  As this announcement shows, miles are a currency and you need payment methods to be able to spend them!

To read the EzRez press releases please click on the relevant links below:

Press release for EzRez e-wallet and Mileage Plus partnership

Press release for EzRez and PayPal partnership

This is an extremely interesting area that is starting to heat up.  Watch this space!


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