Avoiding baggage charges

The flying jacket

The Co-operative Travel Agency recently issued the results of a customer survey that found that more and more people are only travelling on budget airlines with hand luggage.  Nor surprising given the cost of checking in a bag.  Traditional airlines are also getting in on the act – United Airlines are now charging $70 to check in a second bag on international flights (yes, $70 for a second bag click here for the full costs) make it very costly to check in bags.

However, as mentioned in an early post, the market is working and Andrew Gaule has invented a lightweight jacket – the Rufus Roo.  The name, apparently, is based on the design of the large pockets a bit like a kangaroo’s pouch.

Apparently it has passed the strictest of tests – flying on Ryanair – without any comments from their ever vigilant staff.  Only a matter of time before someone comes up with a new charge (perhaps like Spirit in the US you will not be able to put the “jacket” in the overhead without paying?) for large jackets!  Watch this space for Mr O’Leary to dream up some way of cashing in!

You can see more about the jacket on their youTube channel:

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