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Frequent Flyer program fraud

Treat your FFP account like your credit card! Fraud is a big issue, especially for online retailers like airlines.  The Airline Information/Cybersource survey of the scale of the problem indicates that it is costing the industry some $1.4 billion a … Continue reading

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Payment surcharging

All airlines to charge surcharges? According to the AirPlus Chairman, Patrick Diemer, all airlines will eventually surcharge for using payment cards.  In a very interesting interview with BTN Daily (you can read the full interview by clicking here) Diemer talks … Continue reading

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United and Continental FFP merger

Rising to the merger challenge Merging FFP’s is no easy task.  After all, competitors design their programs based on having a benefit that the opposition doesn’t have.  So how do you square the circle when you merge the two? United … Continue reading

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A fast jet to?

You have to have a more than a degree of sympathy for EasyJet.  First there is a court battle with their founder over ancillary revenue.  Next, board members are up for ejection in a sort of X-factor show down (maybe … Continue reading

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airBaltic – what next?

airBaltic is a very interesting carrier.  One that has re-invented its business model from a traditional full service carrier to essentially a hybrid LCC.  On top of that it has established BalticMiles as the coalition currency not just for frequent … Continue reading

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