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Mileage Plus becomes a new global currency

EzRez launch e-wallet You might be wondering where the link is between Mileage Plus becoming a new global currency and EzRez launching an e-wallet.  But read a bit further and you’ll find out the real significance in this story. For … Continue reading

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More FFP fraud

An update of Frequent Flyer Fraud Many of you might know that fraud for airlines (and many online retailers) is a big issue.  In fact, according to the survey done by Airline Information in conjunction with Cybersource, it costs at … Continue reading

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Frequent Flyer program fraud

Treat your FFP account like your credit card! Fraud is a big issue, especially for online retailers like airlines.  The Airline Information/Cybersource survey of the scale of the problem indicates that it is costing the industry some $1.4 billion a … Continue reading

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Payment surcharging

All airlines to charge surcharges? According to the AirPlus Chairman, Patrick Diemer, all airlines will eventually surcharge for using payment cards.  In a very interesting interview with BTN Daily (you can read the full interview by clicking here) Diemer talks … Continue reading

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The Wallet in the Cloud

Visa out to dominate mobile payments There has been a lot of talk about mobile payments and how it is the future.  In some markets, like Kenya, it isn’t talk it is already one of the preferred ways of making … Continue reading

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Dynamic Currency Conversion – the opportunity?

MasterCard’s half year results It might seem odd to headline this post about Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and then start talking about Mastercard’s half year results for 2011.  However, reading the press release from their results showed some interesting figures: … Continue reading

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Payment surcharging

Payment surcharging – ancillary revenue or cost saving? In preparing for the Airline and Travel Payment Summit in Toronto on the 12/13th of October 2011, one of the themes that keeps emerging is payment surcharging.  In the UK, where I am based, … Continue reading

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Payment Innovation – Cleartrip from India

Increasing online sales Payments made not sound the most interesting of subjects and often it is the forgotten customer touchpoint.  A huge amount of effort goes into making a website look and feel great and then when it comes to … Continue reading

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Facebook credits – 200 million people have used them!

Are Facebook credits the new payment method? According to Business Insider (who cite industry gossip so this might not be entirely reliable) Facebook credits have been used by some 200 million people.  Which, if it is true is a pretty … Continue reading

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Welcome back to the SeaMountain Blog!

  It has been a busy year here at SeaMountain.  Not only have we been busy putting our two businesses together but consulting and conferences have been growing!  This is just a temporary site – so watch for blogs, updates … Continue reading

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