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FFP Spring at the Freddies 2012

The Freddies are back! 2012 sees the return of the Freddie awards and alongside the event Airline Information is running FFP Spring.  With speakers from the likes of Etihad, the new PeoplExpress and the guru of FFP programs himself, Randy … Continue reading

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Mileage Plus becomes a new global currency

EzRez launch e-wallet You might be wondering where the link is between Mileage Plus becoming a new global currency and EzRez launching an e-wallet.  But read a bit further and you’ll find out the real significance in this story. For … Continue reading

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Remember Latitude? If you are here in the UK and of a certain age you must just remember Latitude.  It was the original FFP scheme that BA launched way back in the dim and distant past.  BA wasn’t overly keen … Continue reading

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More FFP fraud

An update of Frequent Flyer Fraud Many of you might know that fraud for airlines (and many online retailers) is a big issue.  In fact, according to the survey done by Airline Information in conjunction with Cybersource, it costs at … Continue reading

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Adios to AirMiles?

Avios – the new single currency for IAG For those of you that look to British Airways for innovation you’ll no doubt have been following the introduction of their new single mileage currency.  Avios is the name of the currency … Continue reading

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Frequent Flyer program fraud

Treat your FFP account like your credit card! Fraud is a big issue, especially for online retailers like airlines.  The Airline Information/Cybersource survey of the scale of the problem indicates that it is costing the industry some $1.4 billion a … Continue reading

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United and Continental FFP merger

Rising to the merger challenge Merging FFP’s is no easy task.  After all, competitors design their programs based on having a benefit that the opposition doesn’t have.  So how do you square the circle when you merge the two? United … Continue reading

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British Airways and Iberia Results

Operating profit International Airline Group (IAG) the parent company of the merged British Airways and Iberia has just reported its 6 months results to the end of June 2011.  At one level the results look good.  They report an operating … Continue reading

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Ryanair Frequent Flyer Program?

Flight tracker Ryanair has just announced that they are launching their latest passenger innovation called “Flight Tracker”.  They claim this allows passengers to easily retrieve future and historic bookings.  At first pass this doesn’t look like much of an innovation.  … Continue reading

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Interview with Randy Petersen

Randy Petersen was the guest of honour at the 2nd FT Awards which ran alongside FFP Spring in New York ealerier this year. To listen and see an interview with Randy and hear some of his fascinating views about Frequent … Continue reading

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